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Removing the ATA password on the hard drive in 5 minutes

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In this little article, I'll show you how to uninstall ATA password hdd in 5 minutes (ATA password on hard disk), for hdd Samsung, Hitachi, WD, Seagate, etc.



ATA password on the hard drive is usually put in two cases:


1. The user himself sets the password and forgets it (maybe another user, or the child, accidentally), but the fact remains that someone is stealing the hard drive in the BIOS of the laptop or computer manually.


2. The hard drive itself (hdd) or BIOS of the laptop's motherboard sets the password to the storage device due to a malfunction of the system (such cases have also happened). These failures occur as a rule due to problems with the electrical power supply of the device.


So do not be surprised if all of a sudden your hard drive will be zapolirovannym: there are two options above.


In order to remove ATA pasword from the Samsung hard drive in 5 minutes, it is necessary to perform some simple steps, it is not difficult at all, but to reset the password you need a special program for removing it, which works very simply (you can get the program by making a request for it When I receive the request, I will send you the program to the specified mail or send a link to Yandex or Google cloud, where the program will be located.) I can not put the program in free access, it is very rare and closed I thank you in advance for your understanding.


The program works for all major hard disk manufacturers:

Samsung, Hitachi, WD, Seagate - it is checked personally (if at you it was impossible to generate a key from the first you probably incorrectly entered an error code, try again the key should consist of 8 signs as in fig. 4. At input of a code the layout should Be in English, if it did not work the first try again and again, usually no more than three times you need to do this procedure to get the right key to unlock the hard drive.)


In order to remove / reset the ATA password from the hard drive, Fig. 1, 2, 3. just turn on the laptop 3 times to enter the wrong password and get the code that is generated by the system.

Сброс пароля на жестком диске HDD Samsung

Resetting the hard drive password HDD Samsung


Сбросить пароль на HDD за 5 минут

Reset the password on the HDD in 5 minutes

Next, run the program, the one that I threw off on your request on any other computer and enter the code that was received when you enter three times the wrong password. Figure 4.

Сброс пароля на жестком диске за 5 минут

Reset your hard drive password in 5 minutes


The program to reset the password from the hard disk generates a reset key. You enter this key instead of the password on your locked hard drive and EVERYTHING! The storage device is unlocked, forever;) well, or until the next random password.


So summarize:


1. We ask the HERE program to reset the password on the hard disk.


 2. We receive the code (three times we enter the password incorrectly)


 3. Enter the code in the program and get the unlock key.


 4. Enter the received key in the password input field - the PASSWORD is RESET.



As you can see the procedure for resetting the password from the hard disk is very simple, you do not even need to pull out the hard drive, you do not need to disassemble anything, no batteries need to climb (it still does not help). All you need is a special program to reset passwords on hard disks, which you can get from me.



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